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In term one, my students wrote a persuasive text about who their hero is and why. We used the writing stimulus from the 2013 Naplan test. The aim was to write a text to convince someone else that the nominated person was a hero. The students had to pick a real person that they knew and couldn’t write about any superheros. I was amazed at who they picked and their reasons why and it made for some lovely reading. The students wanted to publish their writing and we will now give these to the people that they wrote about.

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I think they did a pretty good job. I hope you enjoy their writing too.

Historical recounts

Our class has been learning about the local history of Port Elliot and making connections to how it’s history has shaped the township today. We have explored our town on many historical walks and were very fortunate to have local historians Mr Chris Tapscott and Mrs Lorraine Pomery guide our tours.

One aspect of local history that fascinated the students in our class was the story of local identity Agen Dent and his heroic efforts to save the crew from the failing and soon to be shipwrecked schooner, the ‘Flying Fish’ in 1860. The students were able to make connections to our school as it is today. The Flying Fish is the emblem on our school uniform as is a horseshoe to  signify Horseshoe Bay. ‘How high can our fish fly?’ is our school vision and motto, arising from the story of local hero Agen Dent and his rescue of all on board in the 1860 wreck of the Flying Fish in Horseshoe Bay. This vision is a challenge to all members of the school community to do our best in all of our endeavours.

I read the story of the rescue performed by Agen Dent and  then asked the students to write a historical recount. They also wrote on s scroll what the story was able to teach them about life. When they were finished we created art depicting the Flying Fish and Agen Dent’s rescue using the mixed media of collage and paint to display with their recounts. They did an amazing job and we proudly displayed these in our classroom and general learning area. They were also displayed in the school library during a Australian History Professional Development for our teachers and received lots of positive feedback! Our school librarian even posted them on the library blog! We hope you enjoy them too!


Our year 3 class hosted a range of Boardies Day activities throughout the week to raise money for our local Port Elliot Surf Life Saving Club. Students were allowed to wear their board shorts or their surf lifesaving clothes on Boardies Day. The year three class also sold wristbands, lucky sand cups and held a ‘Guess The Lifesavers (lollies) in the Jar’ competition. Red and yellow lifesaver cupcakes that were kindly donated by parents were also a great hit with the students. A photographic display was displayed in the office of the schools’ Future Lifesavers.

“We have over 6o students at our school that are in some way involved with Surf Life Saving, either as a nipper or club member,” Mrs Warner said. “Boardies Day is a great way to recognise these students, as well as provide opportunities for all our students to learn about lifesaving, beach and sun safety whilst raising funds and awareness of the valuable services our volunteer lifesavers provide!”

The weeks activities culminated when our year 3 class organised for members of the Port Elliot Surf Life Saving Club to do a rescue scenario and IRB racing demonstration as part of Boardies Day.Our class then  invited all the students from Port Elliot Primary School to observe the  rescue scenario and an IRB racing demonstration at nearby Horseshoe Bay  Students watched as three “patients” were ‘rescued’ after being swept off the groins at Horseshoe Bay. Whilst one patient was still conscious and quickly bought back to shore for first aid, the lifesavers used the IRB to rescue an unconscious patient from the water, whilst a jet ski rescued a suspected spinal injury. Once all patients had been saved, the students were then treated to an IRB racing demonstration, which bought large cheers from the crowd.

Port Elliot Surf Life Saving Club lifesavers ‘rescue’ a spinal patient during the Boardies Day demonstration at Horseshoe Bay.

Port Elliot Surf Life Saving Club lifesavers ‘rescue’ a spinal patient during the Boardies Day demonstration at Horseshoe Bay.

Year 3 SRC students, Alex and Ellie were proud to present Peter Francis, president of the Port Elliot Surf Life Saving Club with a cheque for $495.45. Peter was thrilled with the school’s efforts to help raise funds for the club and awareness of surf lifesaving. He said the money would help buy much needed equipment for the club and congratulated the year 3 class for all their hard work.

Year 3 SRC students, Alex and Ellie present the money their class raised for Boardies Day to Peter Francis, from the Port Elliot Surf Life Saving Club.

Year 3 SRC students, Alex and Ellie present the money their class raised for Boardies Day to Peter Francis, from the Port Elliot Surf Life Saving Club.

Rememberance Day Service


After going to the Rememberance Day Service we wrote a recount of our experience. Here are a few of them.

On the 11th of November, we walked to Lakala. We had recess there and a little play on the playground. Then we walked to the Memorial Park. We sat on the road but don’t worry the road was blocked off. A man (Mr Alan Oliver) came up and started talking into the microphone. After that they placed the wreath down. Some people from Mrs Woods year 5/6 class read a poem, called “In Flanders Field”. Later we stood up with our pieces of paper that had the name of each soldier from Port Elliot that had fallen during the war. After we walked back to school. I felt sad at the Memorial because people had died trying to make peace.

Written by Rebecca

girls with names

On the 11.11.13, it was Rememberance Day (I’ll bet you already knew that!). We started the day like we always do by doing the roll, choosing our weekly jobs and going on the morning walk. After that we came back and got our drink bottle, hats, fruit and recess 9most people just bought their bags – I didn’t.) We also made paper poppies, (at the end of this recount is a link on how to make them.)

After all that we started on the walk (finally!). It was fairly quick to get to Lakala Reserve. When we got there, we had our recess and a short play before walking to the Memorial (not more walking!). We sat down with the names that Mrs Warner had copied from the Memorial . I hope she checked if it was ok to do this due to copyright!) (Yes I did Jobe) We watched the Memorial service, put down the wreaths then Mr Oliver asked us to stand next to him for the minutes silence. Then the bugle played “The Last Post” and we prayed to god. Then we walked back to…   WAIT before you finish this recount, I would like to thank you for reading my recount :)   …. school.

Here is the link to show you how to make the poppies; http://poppyappeal.com.au/assets/Posters/RSL0013MakePaperPoppy.pdf

Written by Jobe


On Monday the 11th of November, heaps of people from the school went for a walk. We left school and started walking. On the way to Lakala, we ate our fruit. When we got there, we had our recess then went for a little play. Then we kept walking to the Memorial. We sat for a little while on the road but the road was blocked off so it was ok! The people placed the wreaths next to the Memorial. After two girls read a poem called “Flanders Field”. Then Mr Oliver said a speech. We held up our piece of paper with a soldiers name that had died in the war. Then we had to get up and hold them. We heard the bugle play and did the minutes silence. After that we sang the National Anthem. Then we walked back to school. It was really important to go to the service. It was sad that heaps of people and animals died.

By Molly.

Rainbow Week ~ Week 2

IMG_0014We had Rainbow week and on Monday we dressed up in red clothes. On Tuesday we wore yellow and orange.

On Wednesday we dressed up in Rainbow colours and we had a special assemblyIMG_0026 and whoever dressed up in Rainbow colours could win a prize – Jorja won two hairbands and a ball!

The Flyers sang “Try”, “Fireflies’ and ” Circle of friends”. We also had a lady that came and talked about the launch of the KIDS MATTER program at our school.


At the end of the assembly Mr Hudson had to ride a Fender Blender (bike) to make a banana smoothie! The classes made all sorts of things like friendship balloons, pinwheels and peace banners. They looked great.


At lunch time we could have a go on the Fender Blender to make our own smoothies!


On Thursday we dressed up in purple or blue and on Friday we wore green. Throughout the week, Mrs Robinson had fruit and vegetables in the theme colours for us to try – they were yummy!

Written by Sienna and Latisha


In Accelerated Literacy, our class is focusing on the poem The Tale of Custard the Dragon  written by Ogden Nash, to develop our skills and understanding of how poetry is constructed. we are also developing our fleuncy in reading poetry aloud and how to make a personal response to it. Last week we studied the first stanza of Custard the Dragon which is the orientation of a Ballad with a aa bb rhyme. In this stanza Ogden Nash intoduces the characters and uses some fun nonsense words to add to the enjoyment of reading his poem aloud.

The students then tried to write a stanza  about their own family using an aa bb rhyme and some nonsense words. They quickly discovered it is not as easy as they thought it would be! In the end, they created some great  stanzas that, while they may not be an accurate description of their families, they are a lot of fun.

We hope you enjoy them!

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2013-10-16 12.43.15On Tuesday our class was lucky to participate in an Author visit with Janeen Brian. She is a famous children’s author.  Janeen Brian  has  been  wnting  for about  30 years . She didn’t think she would  be  a  writer when she was young and she had to learn  how  to  write a book first.

She  carries  around  a little note  book  to  write  all her ideas down. One day she was in a library and she saw a little girl wearing a nappy box on her head, with a slit for her eyes. This gave her an idea for a story, so she wrote it in her little notebook.

Janeen Brian has written some of her books over 20 times to get them right. She also told us that as writers we should always read our stories out aloud to check and edit our work. Janeen Brain also writes for a magazine called ‘Countdown’ and she read us a poem from one of the magazines.

Janeen with her Ned Kelly puppet9781742757186

Janeen Brain has recently written a book called “Ned Kelly”, which she read to our class. To us it was a poem!

Written By Abbi and Rebbeca

We really enjoyed listening to Janeen Brian and here are some of our responses after her visit;

 “I found it was really interesting that she thought she couldn’t be a writer when she was little but she did.” ~ Delilah

“It was really exciting to see Janeen Brian and all her books.” ~ Jorja

“It was nice of her to read nice books” ~ Molly

“It surprised me that Janeen had written 86 books.” Abbi

” Something I got from listening to Janeen Brian was finding out how Ned Kelly died.” ~ Jack

“I really liked how she didn’t just colour in the ‘Dirty Dinosaur’ but she actually used MUD!” ~ Tayha

“One thing that was really good was that she described things really well. She put lots of dates and facts in the back of the (Ned Kelly) book, I know a lot about him now.” ~ Jobe

“I learnt that authors sometimes have to write their books over 20 times to get them published.” ~ Shanice

“I liked it , as she told us lots of facts and she carries a notebook to do her ideas in , like the girl with the box on her head.” ~ Caden

We would like to thank Janeen Brian for visiting our school and also thank Mrs Bevan (our librarian) for organising her visit.

If you would like to find out more about Janeen Brian and her books, you can go to her website www.janeenbrian.com


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