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Last Wednesday, our class joined our year 6/7 buddy class to listen to a presentation by two Year 9 students from Victor Harbor High School. Maddie and Ella talked to the students about the impact rubbish is having on the environment and then asked the students to go out into the school yard and oval to collect any non recyclable and recyclable rubbish they find.

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After only 20 minutes we had collected enough rubbish to fill a cut life size replica of a whale! :(

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We then went back to the year 7 class and watched a video to reinforce the impact of rubbish on the environment. Students then got together to brainstorm ideas on how to reduce the amount of rubbish we have in our school environment and help protect our wildlife.

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When we returned to our class, the year threes wrote a reflection on what they had learnt from the presentation and how they felt. They also wrote one change they could do to help change the world. Here are a few of these reflections;

“When I saw the whale I was disgusted at how much rubbish there was. My idea was that every person has there own garbage truck and drive their rubbish to the dump.”   Matthew

“I felt really upset when I saw the photos. I learnt not to litter and when someone litters – it not only makes the world a disgusting place but it also kills wildlife as they mistake it for jellyfish or plankton or fish. Some photos made people upset when Maddie talked about it. I felt like I just had to do something about it, so I did. At recess I picked up 23 pieces of rubbish. If you see someone litter, pick it up and say “put this in the bi – it could save lives!”  I am going to make a poster and it’s going to say “Pick Up Rubbish Wednesday and Friday Lunchtime. Meet at Oval. Help save Wildlife!!! Please join Us!”    Maya

“This morning when Maddy and Ella were talking about rubbish and what happens to it, I felt very sad. When we picked up rubbish around the school I realised how much rubbish is in and around our school. I felt sad seeing pictures of animals dying or that had already died.  I will make a change by not buying lots of small packets and just buy one big packet.”   Sunset

“I felt sad for the wildlife animals in the sea and on land. I wish everyone would stop littering and care about wildlife as much as they care about their families, and try to help the wild animals. I think to stop ALL of the rubbish, is to take your rubbish home.”   Kyle

“The whale was very scary to see how much rubbish was in it. I learnt that a lot of rubbish comes every day to school. There was a lot of rubbish up against the dog Park fence, I even found a large box! I also learnt that people put dog’s poo in bags and chuck them over the fence! A movie told me that scientist estimate about 3.5 million pieces of rubbish blows into the sea each year. My idea is that we get a hole in our school bins instead of the pop up lids.”   Alex

They came up with some excellent solutions to the litter problem and I have included these below;

  • My change is to never use plastic again. ~ Dylan.
  • I think that we should only use containers. ~ Courtney.
  • I think we should protest and put our rubbish in the bin. ~ Declan.
  • Everyone should try and take containers to store food in and pick up as much rubbish as they can. ~ Lola.
  • We can stop using plastic by taking containers and using paper bags. ~ Maggie.
  • Stop bringing wrappers and just walk those couple of steps to the bin. ~ Esther
  • We can save our sea life animals by, as soon as you get home, transfer all your plastic bags into containers and send kids to school with no plastics! ~ Tihana.
  • My idea is to get a hole at the top of the bin because the pop up bins let rubbish come out. ~ Lucius
  • I will start a campaign and I will put up posters to stop littering and try to get my friends to help. ~ Selena
  • We should convince everyone to stop littering. ~ Jay
  • So I have been thinking of a solution. That is to pick up at least 20 bits of rubbish every day. ~ Ellie
  • You should make a difference to stop it being like this and make the world be here longer. ~ Kiara

Two girls from our class were so motivated by Maddies presentation, that they have set up their own website called Don’t Waste the Wild to help educate other children about how to save the environment and stop the rubbish pollution.

We loved this quote that Maddie shared with us at the end of her presentation.

I might not be able to save the entire world but if I pick up that piece of rubbish, I WILL save that fish’s world or that dolphin’s world or that sea bird’s world.

I may not be saving the entire world but I’ll be saving their entire world.

 Maddie is passionate about changing the world. If you would like to follow her mission you can find her on instagram ~ @dontwasteourwaves



As part of our literacy program this term, we have been looking at using persuasive texts in advertising. Students have been creating Passion Project kits as a follow up from our Passion Projects last term. These kits will be sold at the Pasar on Thursday.

To get started the students used a planning sheet to brainstorm what their kit would be called, what would be in the kit and what they would need to make it. We then each created an advertising poster to sell our kits and let the customer know more information about them.

Then the real fun began. I explained to the students that we were going to make a TV commercial for the kits using stop motion videos. We watched some real commercials and talked about the language used to get customers to buy their product. We also looked at a range of commercials and discussed who the intended audience would be and discussed who would buy these products.

The students were then asked to use a storyboard to plan their 30 second commercial! They not only had to think of what they would see but also what they would hear, the camera angle and type of shot.

Once the planning was finished they were able to get started. However before they did we watched a few tutorials on how to create a stop motion video first, which proved to be a great help.  Now they could start! Soon they were creating their backgrounds, making props and building their sets.

Then start they did….taking lots and lots of photos. We were surprised at just how many photos you needed to create a simple action!

Finally after much perseverance,  and a lot of restarts, we were finished! The results were amazing and we are very proud of the them. We have posted some of these below. We hope you enjoy them!

(Hmmm that tow  instead of two spelling mistakes is going to haunt me!)

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This term we have been using the app Scratch Junior to explore and attempt to learn how to code. This has been new territory for me as I really had little knowledge or understanding of how or where to start. So I was honest with my students and explained to them that for one hour each week they would get the opportunity to “play” with Scratch Junior and each week they would need to teach me how to code!

The first two lessons were really just a time to explore. I was amazed at how quickly they picked up the skills to create using this app and I was quickly inundated with students wanting to teach me how to do things. They must be good teachers because by week three I was starting to get my head around how to code using this app!

Then I wanted the students to start digging deeper – so for the next few weeks we just looked at each block category and explored what each block palette of programming blocks could do. I set them little mini challenges to match the functionality of the blocks.

Once we had explored these in more detail, I felt the students had a good understanding of how to use the blocks to code so I set them a challenge. I showed them a you tube clip of some old fashioned games such as Frogger and Pacman. I then challenged them to create a simple game based on the Frogger game. It was so exciting to watch everyone successfully creating a game and sharing these with each other! They even had the control buttons to move their characters across the screen!

Unfortunately the Scratch Junior App does not allow sharing yet (they assure us its coming) so I can only show you a few photos of what they created below.














The following week I set a new challenge:- I showed them five programming blocks that would help them to complete this challenge and told them they had to create a simulation of a Pacman type game where the character had to move through a maze and collect five objects which disappear when the character touches them. I also added for the students that were more advanced an extra challenge which was; once the first character has collected all five objects, it must send a message to another character in the maze that then sent the second character on a quest to collect five more objects. It was so exciting to see them quickly discover how to use the looks and triggering blocks to create the game and how eager they were to collaborate with each other, sharing what they knew and helping each other.

Once again it is such a shame I can not show you the actual games working but below are some screen shots of their games. We had a lot of fun learning to code ! Well done everyone!


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This year our class has been participating in the 2014 Premiers Reading Challenge. We were so excited when we recieved our medals last week. Congratulations class.

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Last week, one of the students in our class was invited to the Mayors Short Story competition presentation. His story was short listed in the Year R – 3 category. He was awarded a certificate and even got to shake the Major’s hand! Congratulations we are very proud of you!

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Screen shot 2014-09-22 at 8.36.52 PMPlease click on the link below to see our latest student reflections on our Passion Project website.



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