Our Zoo Excursion


Feeding the kangaroos


Patting the Quokas

Our class wrote a recount about our excursion to the Adelaide Zoo. Here are some of the students recounts.


Emily’s seals


I got to school and when I got in my classroom we had to line up and walk to the bus. I sat next to my new best friend. When everyone was on the bus we left. It started out fun but then it got boring and bumpy. We finally got there. We got of the bus and had some fruit. Everyone went in and saw the hippo cage. Then we saw the crocodiles and lots more. Then we went with this zookeeper and we saw some kangaroos. We then went with Angela the Zoo Teacher. She taught us how to sort out animals into groups. We saw lots more animals, then we sat down on some grass and saw a really cool parrot show. We also saw some lions, tigers, monkeys, seals and hippos. Then we left. I wish we didn’t have to leave.



We left at 8.00am. When we first got on the bus, it was boring. Finally we got off and we had  to have some fruit. Then we went into the Zoo. We saw otters and wild things and we saw monkeys on the way to the education centre room. We got to touch the animal skins then we went to the park and ate our lunch and then we played . On the way back to the bus we saw a hippo then we got on the bus. When we got back we went home.


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On Wednesday, I was so excited to go to school that I woke up at 7.00 o’clock because we were going to the zoo. So I got ready really fast and Mum took me to school, so I would not miss the bus. I got there just in time! The bus started and it was cool but took a while. We saw heaps of animals on the way but finally we got there. When we got off the bus Mrs Warner had to talk to the people that got the money and the kids ate some fruit. Next we went to the Education Centre and then the teacher, Angela came out and said we were half and hour early, so we went and saw a wombat then a meerkat. Next we went back to the Education Centre and it was time to go in the room and we could have look and feel time around the room. Then she clapped her hands and we went on the mat and we learnt how to sort animals into groups. Next we went and saw more animals like the giraffes and hippos, sea lions – one was sleeping and the other one was swimming. We also saw alpacas, guinea pigs and rabbits, kangaroos and monkeys. We saw the flying macaw show. It was terrific; the macaw kept flying over our head. Then unfortunately we had to leave the zoo. We were a tiny bit late back but that’s okay. The zoo was terrific!



Ethan bus trip to the zoo

On Wednesday, I was really excited we were leaving at 8.00 and we were going on the bus to the zoo. First we got of the bus. We were eating our fruit and we were waiting for the parent helpers. When they got there we went into the zoo. When we got into the zoo, we went into the children’s zoo and patted some of the animals. It was fun. Then we went to the Education Centre and Angela was the teacher at the zoo and she showed us some stuff. Then it was time to leave so we got on the bus and came back to school. The End.



Noah’s crocodile

Our class was going on an excursion to the zoo. We left at 8 o’clock. On the bus we got to sit with anyone we wanted to, at first it was fun then it wasn’t. When we got off the bus we went onto the lawn and ate our fruit, while we waited for the parents. At the zoo we walked down to the education centre but we were 30 minutes early so we went for a walk then we came back. Angela the Zoo teacher talked to us about some animals that were vertebrates and invertebrates and also showed us some animals skins. Now I know if a creature is an invertebrate or a vertebrate because of if it has an exoskeleton or not. We had lunch at the zoos playground and it was exciting. at the playground – it was one of the best things at the zoo. We saw a blue macaw show. Once it swooped me!! And we saw hippos, gibbons, and I cant remember the rest! The trip was fantastic and I really wanted to go again!

Noah H.



Welcome class of 2016

class of 2016

Welcome to our year 2/3 class, I am looking forward to getting to know you and working with you all.

Just to give you a sense of what both you and your child can expect from me this year, I’d like to tell you a bit about our classroom.

During the first few weeks of school, I plan on setting aside a significant amount of time so that I can get to know the students better. Every student is unique and has different interests and learning styles. I want to ensure that I spend an adequate amount of time learning about all of my students and having them learn about our classroom expectations. My goal is for our classroom to be a community of learners based on mutual respect for all individual differences. I want our classroom to be a safe environment where students are encouraged to share, learn from one another, and learn from me—just as I will learn from them.

I encourage you to please follow this classroom blog, our facebook page and Twitter feed – see the links to these below. There you will find information about what is happening in our class and different ways you can support our classroom. Even if you do not wish to volunteer in the classroom, I would encourage you to follow our class online. I like to post photos and updates about students and all of our classroom activities! Early in the term I will also send a letter home to inform you of other ways we use technology in our classroom; including Class Dojo and SeeSaw!

Remember to please follow us in the following ways:

Please remember to bring the following things to school this week;

  • Your sun safe hat
  • a big bottle of water
  • your blue home bag (if you kept it at home but I might have it already)
  • a pencil case ( no bigger then 30 cm long and 15cm wide please)
  • a set of ear buds/ head phones to use in technology

I am looking forward to seeing you.  It is going to be a great year!

You’re Eating Rubbish! Week 1….

This term our class has been immersed in the inquiry of “You’re Eating Rubbish”.

No we don’t really think we’re eating rubbish. Our inquiry focus has been on how important healthy food is for our bodies, the reasons why we need to eat these foods and the impact packaging from our lunch boxes has on the environment in which we live.

During week 1 we kept a food diary to look at what we packed in our lunch boxes. Students had to record each day what food they had and try to decide if it was healthy for them or not. Some students were surprised to find their lunches were not as healthy as they could be while others had some healthy foods. It was great to see some students trying to pack healthier lunch boxes as the week went on. Here are some photos of our lunch-boxes on Monday;

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During our health lessons we looked at the five food groups and what type of healthy food belonged to each group.


During this week we also started sorting the rubbish that we produced – from our lunch boxes only, each day into three groups; rubbish that could be recycled, food compost and rubbish that could not be recycled. Here are some photos of the rubbish we sorted on Monday;

We collated the data on how much non recyclable packages we had for the week and put it into a graph. We were shocked at how much rubbish our lunch boxes produced in one week. On Thursday we collected 36 chip packets but we only have 27 students in our class? Below is our graph;

Week 1 graph

We also compared this data with the other two groups of rubbish and we found that non- recyclable rubbish made up 62% of all the rubbish we collected, whilst recyclable rubbish only made up 4% of the rubbish we collected.

Pie graph

There are three other classes at our school doing a similar inquiry and Mrs Blakes year 4 class have been crunching the numbers! They used their multiplication skills and estimated if every class made as much rubbish as their class and Mrs Lacey’s year 1 class found in a week that would be 2, 996 items in landfill a week! That would be 119,840 pieces of rubbish going into landfill in a school year!

Something needs to change….. (to be continued!)….

Making Waves with local artist Tracey Grivell

Last Friday our class was very lucky to have the opportunity to work with local artist Tracey Grivell. Tracey delighted the class by reading her first published book “Create”. The students loved hearing how Tracey produces her artwork and how her children are immersed in her work; especially how her youngest child Esther literally threw herself into one of Tracey’s painting!

Tracey then showed our class how she creates her trademark “Wave” paintings and we were even allowed to touch one of her beautiful artworks so we could feel the textures she creates in her paintings. She also talked about how painting is a great way to express yourself and how you are feeling  and how it can be a good way to express your emotions.

Tracey explained how to use hot or cold colours to layer the wave using crayons and oil pastels then paint over the wave with thin watercolour paints. Finally Tracey showed us how to flick the paint to enhance the crashing whitewater of the wave.

Then it was our turn to become artists and create our own wave art. The students quickly got to work and enjoyed creating their own waves so much that most of them even produced two!

The end results were beautiful – I love the colours in them and how they are all so different.

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Thank you so much Tracey for creating waves with us!

Book-week Performance

On Wednesday our class, along with the Junior Primary classes, went on an excursion to Goolwa to see Australian Author and entertainer Andy Jones at Signal Point as part of our Book-week celebrations. Andy Jones has written several books including “Scooterboy & Skatergirl” and “Fart-ionary” and uses humour to engage students.

Our class enjoyed the engaging and interactive performance and we wrote a review when we returned to our class. Here are some of the students reviews;

“On Wednesday August 12th, we went on a white bus …called the Goolwa Express. I was on the 9th chair on the left at the windowsill next to Kai, behind Mrs warner and next to Harry’s mum. It took about 11 minutes to get there at Signal Point. We parked between 7 North-folk land pines, 4 on the right and 3 on the left. Then we went inside and met Andy Jones, author entertainer. He showed us a machine that changes his voice. We did the Macarena. Andy got some people to go up in front of 3 schools and they did funny things. Then Andy got some people to tell comedy jokes, they were quite funny jokes. Then at the end we danced to two songs stuck together – they were Gingham Style and the Macarena. Then we danced the Chicken Dance. I was very exhausted. Then we went back to school.” Taris.

“Today we went on an excursion to Goolwa. we watched a man called Andy Jones perform. We went to Signal Point. Andy told us what humour meant. Andy asked two people to come up and tell a joke. I thought that it was pretty funny. When we were in the hall with Andy Jones we did the Chicken Dance. We also did the Gingham Style mixed up with the Macarena, while Andy played the guitar. The hall was in a gallery. It was a bit boring watching everyone else but as soon as we got up and started dancing I wasn’t bored! I think everyone in the whole world should go see it because it was so awesome!” Rain

“Today we went to Signal Point for Book-week. We went on a white bus with a small group of other people. We went into the gallery. We saw lots of other classes. He made us do the Chicken Dance and made us do the Macarena mixed with the Whoop in Gingham Style. It was very funny. He split us into two sides and we had to do belly dancing. We looked very funny. I think young people should go. I liked it. I thought it was very funny. The person that was doing the show is Andy. He had very spiky hair!” Mia

Today we went to the art gallery in Goolwa. We saw this man called Andy Jones. He had some cool beats. He asked some questions. It was pretty funny. We did the Macarena, Whoop in Gingham Style, then we did the Chicken Dance. He showed us stuff. I reckon more people should go there. He did some jokes and he got some kids to tell some jokes. They were funny and I loved it.” Brandon

Creating Designs for Dog Park

A community art project

Last week our class joined our buddy class Mrs Turley’s Year 6/7’s in the library to work with mosaic artist Mike Tye and community member, Ruth Miller on creating design ideas for a community art project at the Port Elliot Dog Park.IMG_0594

Mike spoke to the students about what the project was and how they could help in coming up with a design for the pavers that will be handmade and laid under the shelter at the park.

The students then formed small groups and worked together to enthusiastically write down or sketch their ideas.

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After brainstorming the students identified their top five ideas which they then shared with the group. Of course the students felt a dog theme was important along with strong ties to the beach. Some of their ideas included;

  • dogs surfing
  • dogs at the beach or walking on the beach at sunset
  • flying dogs
  • dogs playing
  • riding a motor bike
  • different size dogs
  • paw prints
  • bones saying dog park
  • dog saving someone
  • creating a dog poem
  • lots of small dogs put together to create a big dog shape

Ruth Miller said, “It was a great activity, the students participated really well and had some terrific ideas.”

Mike will now work on consolidating some aspects of their ideas to formulate a design which the students will help him create early next term.

Mystery Skype lesson

We were very lucky to do a mystery skype this week.  A mystery skype is where you connect with other people via skype and ask a range of questions to gather enough information to form an answer to the big question. We were able to skype Ibu Eliza and Pak Pahot, who are two Indonesian teachers currently visiting Australia as part of the BRIDGE project. The students were asked to use maps and ask Ibu Eliza and Pak Pahot a series of geographical questions to try and work out where they lived in Indonesia.

Each student greeted the two teachers and then introduced themselves in Indonesian, for example;

“Selemat siang Ibu Eliza dan Pak Pahot. Nama saya….Harry”

“Good morning Ibu Eliza and Pak Pahot. My name is …Harry”

They then went on to ask their question.  Some of the questions included;

Do you live in the Northern hemisphere?    Ya

Do you live in Sumatra?    Ya

Are you surrounded by land?     Tidak

Do you live near the sea?    Ya

Do you live near Aceh?    Ya

The students took turns in asking our guest these questions and were very excited when they finally discovered they lived in Medan!


 Below are some photos of our class during the Mystery Skype. Thank you to our photographer Harry, whom took these photos!

Hint slide your mouse over the photos to read the comments or click on the photos to enlarge!

Once we had discovered where Pak Pahot and Ibu Eliza lived, we then used the rest of our skype time to learn more about Medan by asking them some more questions. The students then wrote a short paragraph about what they had learned and we have shared some of these below;

 Today we skyped Ibu Eliza and Pak Pahot. We found out where they live. Pak Pahot’s  sport is basketball and badminton and his favourite food is beef and noodles. Ibu Eliza’s hobby is travelling. Pak Pahot plays a guitar and an angklung. They live in Medan, Sumatra.  by Lincoln

Today we skyped Bu Cathy, Ibu Eliza and Pak Pahot. We had to find out where they lived. It was hard work we finally found it. It was Medan! Then we asked them what do they have there. We found out that Pak Pahot’s street was called Learning Street and Ibu Eliza’s street was Maren Street. It is very hot in Medan. By Kai

We started to find out where they lived and we found out they lived in Medan. To work it out we were in groups of two and put our hands up if we wanted to ask Pak Pahot or Ibu Eliza a question. As well we found out that Pak Pahot’s favourite food is noodles and fish. Pak Pahot also has a dog and a fish. We also asked them if Pak Pahot has seen a volcano and he has! But it is about two hours away. As well Ibu Eliza has seen  a volcano. Pak Pahot has a child called Michael who is only nine months old. What we learnt from Pak Pahot and Ibu Eliza is that Pak Pahot plays basketball and badmintion. By Sasha

Today we skyped Pak Pahot and Ibu Eliza. It was fun and they lived in Medan. Their favourite animals are a fish, a dog and there were volcanoes nearby. Pak Pahot has also seen one! The water that they swim in there is warm. Ibu Zliza has been to Thailand, Sydney and Melbourne. The island they live on is called Sumatra. By Brandon.

They live in Medan. They like reading books and travelling. It takes two hours to get to a volcano from where Pak Pahot lives. The sea near were they live is hot. They live on the island of Sumatra. Pak Pahot has seen a volcano erupt, he said it was a bit scary! Their houses are made of concrete and bricks. The street he lives on is called Learning Street. By Poppy.

We would like to say a very special thank you to our wonderful Indonesian teacher Bu Cathy for creating the opportunity to make this happen and a big thank you to our ICT support officer, Darryn for all his work behind the scenes to ensure all the technical equipment and software was working. Also terima kasih Pak Pahot dan Ibu Eliza for letting us skype them and embracing the experience. Bagus sekali!