Creative Writing

Today after lunch, I whispered slowly to my class…

Now come a bit closer, I want to tell you a story.

No, come on now, move a little bit closer. I’ll just make the room a little bit darker…that’s better…now, where was I? Oh yes, I want to tell you a story about my family. A few years ago, my family went down this cave in New Zealand. It was a very deep cave and it probably took us about ten to fifteen minutes to get to the bottom of the steps.

Have you ever been in a cave? If you have, you would know it can get really dark, so we all had torches to help us see and our guide had a torch too. Well, when we got to the bottom it was really hard to see. Not like when it’s dark outside at night time. You know, when you can still make out the outline of the trees and the shape of people. It was much darker than that.

We carefully walked a short way and would you believe it, there was an underground river in the cave. Well there was! On the riverbank, there was a small wooden boat which only six people could fit in and there perched on the side was a small man. This man was in charge of rowing the boat. Our guide gently helped us board the boat and the small man started to row down the river. Our guide told us about the small animals that lived in the cave and explained that we couldn’t talk anymore as it would scare them, so Randall, Maddy, Georgia and I all stopped talking.

It was so quite.

There was no noise, except the motion of the oars as they moved through the water…whoosh, drip, drip, drip…whoosh, drip, drip, drip. After a short time our guide gently whispered to us to turn off our torches.

And so we sat there. In the dark.

A darkness so black that we couldn’t see each other. A darkness so black, I couldn’t even see my hand when I held it close to my face. So black. So dark, I couldn’t even see the end of my nose.

We drifted in the darkness, listening to the water as it dripped off the stalagmites into the river… drip… drip…drip… drip…drip…



Did you jump? Well they did!

Then without saying a word to each other, I asked them to go back to their seats and finish my story. They had to write for ten minutes uninterrupted. And they did! After ten minutes I told them their time was up and asked them if they wanted to stop. They didn’t. After another ten minutes I told them they had to stop  and you should have heard them moan. I asked the students who felt they had finished to come down and share what they had written and allowed those who wanted to keep on writing to do so. Here are their endings;


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When we had finished sharing, there were still some students writing and as it was home time they had to stop also. Some of the students came over and asked, “Can we please finish our stories tomorrow?”

Of course, you can.


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